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Danger spot on the B1502 where the signs are to be installed

Teach young drivers properly

SIR – I think that Councillor Copping s offer is unnecessary ( £16,000 for road signs? I ll pay! , Herald, February 1). No additional signs are needed, what s needed is to teach youngsters to drive according to the prevailing conditions; this should be do...
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Holdbrook: proof, says Ron McCole, that EEDA cares more for Waltham Cross than Broxbourne Council does

At least somebody likes us!

SIR – It was gratifying to read that the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) has awarded a regeneration grant to Holdbrook South in Waltham Cross, to build a community room and a multi-use games area, two facilities that have been desperately needed...
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Positive approach benefits disabled people

SIR – Well done Cllr Malcolm Aitken (Lab, Waltham Cross) for persuading Broxbourne Council to reconsider its ban on the government s Positive About Disabled People employment scheme (Second thoughts on disabled scheme, Herald, February 1). He might be nea...
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Road run is still open to more cunning rats

SIR – Banning drivers turning right into Cross Street and a one way system at Tower Street will not help ( Solution to rat run to be trialed, Herald, February 1). Clever drivers will turn into The Avenue and go via Church Road, Elton Road and Byde Street...
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Takes more than signs to save lives

SIR – A year and a half after the first death on this road it s disgraceful that it s taken so long to get money to put signs up on this road, but what are signs going to do? Chantelle Burridge is my sister and I live my life knowing I watched her die....
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How I got the taxman to pay for my new car

In response to reporter Debbie King s recent article about stopping smoking, reader B. E. Dyer writes… Dear Debbie – I stopped smoking 26 years ago this year. I wanted to buy a new car and the tax man was going to pay for it – and so he has. I psyched my...
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Footpath work is not needed

SIR – Re the proposed footway provisions in Andrews Lane, Cheshunt: I would like to bring to your attention that our local council have money to throw away. The local people in the above area have received a letter stating they have requested the council...
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Museum give and take

SIR – I was very interested in your article concerning the application made by Hertford Museum for Heritage Lottery funding (Herald, January 25). In March 2006 10 loyal members of the museum staff were made redundant. The reason given via all communicat...
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