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Planning to change your job

KNOWING how to make the changes for a new career can seem a complex and difficult thing to do. Sometimes, employing a life coach, or consulting a careers specialist, can help, but by taking a few simple steps you might be able to find a new direction eas...
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Housewives urged to get fired up

STAFFORDSHIRE housewives have been urged to sign up as part-time firefighters. Fire chiefs have launched a campaign to persuade more women to become retained fire fighters, providing vital emergency cover in their communities while their children are at s...
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Banker loses sex discrimination claim

A SENIOR City banker has lost her appeal against her failed sex discrimination claim. Andrea Madarassy, who was backed by the Equal Opportunities Commission, was ordered to pay £80,000 interim costs to Nomura International within 28 days. Her final costs...
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Graduates 'lack soft skills'

MORE than four out of 10 employers will struggle to fill graduate vacancies this year because many university leavers lack the right soft skills for the job, new research is suggesting. Team-working, leadership and communication skills are in short sup...
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Re-route your commute

HOW often have you endured a stressful day at work, only to end up sitting in traffic for what seems like an eternity while pedestrians plod past you far more quickly? With so many cars on the road commuting to and from work is a veritable nightmare for...
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Going, going, gone

WHO would have thought it? The nation s workers aren t purely money-grabbing mercenaries who are solely out to grab as much cash from their employers as they possibly can. New research by Manpower reveals that we staff are nurturing a much less shallow, s...
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Out of India

INSURANCE giant Norwich Union has brought some call centre jobs back to the UK after admitting to problems over cultural differences between customers and its staff in India. The Aviva-owned life and general insurer said 150 jobs had been shipped back to...
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Flexibility failures need addressing

HIGHLY qualified workers are being forced into unsuitable jobs because the world of work in the UK is unfit for modern needs, according to a new report. The Equal Opportunities Commission estimated that 6.5 million people could use their skills more ful...
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