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Alan Davies - A Load of Balls
The World Cup is over and a new chapter has begun.
Read as Alan rants and raves about all things sport... »



Chris Lennon - Marathon Man
The road is long... 26 miles, 385 yards long, to be precise. Follow Chris Lennon's progress as he trains for the 2007 Flora London Marathon »


Damion Roberts - This and That and some more of This
"After many years of verbal attacks on other drivers from the comfort of a friend or family member’s passenger side of a car, I have decided to swap seats. Over the next few months (years if I’m like my mother) I will be learning to drive and at the age of 26 it’s about time too" »
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Pet Hunters News Blog »


Hannah Gray - Two Left Feet
Don your sequined frocks and top up the fake tan because Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens. There will be tears, there will be surprises, there will be terrible tangos and wonderful waltzes, and Hannah Gray will be keeping an eye on it all. »


Kelly Johnson - The X Factor 2006
Read Kelly's views of the 2006 X Factor contestants and judges in her blog here »
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Les Baker - Editor-at-large
A weekly look at events and issues around the Royston area »



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Mark Hemmings - Football Fanatic Fever
"Hello there, thanks for dropping by. To hear my ranting about the nations favourite game, the ups and downs of supporting the greatest team in League One, Southend United, and to share my Sunday League adventures, read on." Click for more »
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Melanie Malmere - A Bad Mother's Blog
"Before I had children, I always thought that it would be great fun. We would all laugh and be happy and be the most wonderful family in the whole world. I’m sure some lucky ones do have that but I have Thing 1 and Thing 2." Click here to read more »


Michelle Fosbrook - The Pickle Project!
Meet Pickle, a 1972 Volkswagen Camper and Michelle and James' perfect project.
Click here to read more about Pickle »


Michelle Roberts - Year of a Volunteer
Approximately a year ago I was sitting at my desk at work (probably banging my head against the desk in despair), thinking, why am I doing this? Only nine months after graduating from that fluffy, rosey, happy place called University I was already discontented and disillusioned with my job and my lot in general. I think it was on the way home from work that day that I saw the advertisement for the volunteer recruitment fair and my life has been very different ever since »



Il Divo are the opera singers for the 21st century. Fancy seeing them live at Wembley Arena? We've got 8 pairs of tickets to give away. Click here how to find out how to enter »